Zach goes to Eisenberg Sandwich

Lunch time!

After a productive half-day at your internship, or perhaps a morning of exploring the wonders of New York, there’s certainly a plethora of choices for the day’s middle meal. How to choose when so much of it looks amazing? I’m pitted with this decision every day, though I usually just go for the PB&J I packed that morning (a good, frugal option). Let me tell you instead, however, about a quaint and charming sandwich restaurant I opted for yesterday.

            Feeling adventurous on a Friday, I skipped the brown bag yesterday and instead strutted into Eisenberg’s Sandwich (174 5th Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd Streets and right across from the iconic Flatiron Building). I’d been walking past the tiny, delicious-smelling café all week on my way to the subway after finishing my internship shifts. I took a seat at the bar that stretches down to the back wall of the narrow restaurant, and was quickly offered a menu and a Coke.

Eisenberg Sandwich in Chelsea

For my entrée, I went with a Bacon Grilled Cheese. The sandwich, accompanied by a large pickle, was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in our short time in New York. The rest of the menu included a wide array of other quirky plays off of traditional sandwiches, and from my vantage point, looked just as delicious. The staff was very friendly, amusing and worked fast – I was out the door and ready to go back to work after half an hour.

The check wasn’t the cheapest of meals you’ll be able to scrounge throughout town, but clocking in at a total of $8.50 made it an affordable splurge for a tasty lunch and an equally enjoyable atmosphere. If you’re working or traveling through (shopping?) the 5th Avenue area, I certainly recommend giving Eisenberg and the boys a try. You’ll appreciate the character and charm of the place, and leave satisfied after a lunch hour spent right.

–Zach Garcia


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