Zack Garcia admires the scenery in Battery Park

 It feels like there’s literally an endless list of activities to enjoy on this packed, exciting island of Manhattan. This is probably why tourists are visible around almost every street corner. But one lesson I’ve learned rather quickly in our short time here is that living in Manhattan and simply visiting for a brief time are very different realms.

            When you make a place your home – well, that same location that was full of all kinds of fun better have some vital necessities, too. For me, one of these necessities is a spot I can rely on to unwind and appreciate for its beauty. Basically, I need an outlet, just like everyone else. My preferred variety of outlet (most likely stemming from my mountainous Colorado upbringing) is a beautiful, natural setting. Just about impossible in the Big Apple, right? Well, maybe not…

Above is a quick snapshot I managed to grab from Battery Park just before the sun set over Jersey City the other night. Still settling into the city and my internship after a week, I decided to take a walk up Manhattan’s Westside coast along the Hudson River to calm down a bit. Beginning at Battery Park and following the path that enjoins right along the side of the river, I was able to take solace in Manhattan’s best take at natural bliss outside of Central Park. There were a handful of grass fields (a rare, welcoming site) and beautiful embankments of large trees scattered among urban riverfront property heading north, and the walk was simply perfect for slowing down a bit. There’s so much to learn while living on Manhattan – for a relaxing break from it all, try a stroll or jog along the Hudson starting at Battery Park.

— Zach Garcia


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