From the Beginning

After about a week here, I think I have adjusted, for the most part, to life in New York. That’s good for two main reasons—I will hopefully stop getting lost and now I can focus all my energy into the real reason I am here. My first day at Glamour was a whirlwind of new opportunities and responsibilities. Just to be sure I wasn’t late, I left much too early, and spent time wandering around the Walgreens in Times Square to save myself from the unbearable 90-degree heat. I was nervous to meet my editor, nervous to learn my way around the office, nervous about my outfit choice (I’m working at Glamour, so in my opinion, it’s a perfectly acceptable fear.), and most of all, determined to make a good impression. I can assume that these feelings are common among first-day interns, but in my experience, they were misguided. My editor is awesome, the office is as simple as it gets to navigate and my outfit blended in just fine. As for the first impression, I guess I can’t know what my editors thought, but I know that I am really excited to be at Glamour this summer.

—Jamie Hergenrader


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