Brooklyn or “the place with the Target”

Today I set off for Brooklyn to meet up with some locals I know from Mizzou. We checked out the big Brooklyn Flea Market, but as soon as I realized it was not the type of market that sells cheaper-than-Target items, I washed my hands of it and we decided to eat!

The locals had no suggestions, so we picked a bar and went with it! Unfortunately I have since forgotten the name of the bar, but whatever, I’ll carry on.

I ordered some New York tap water and Rob decided on some alcohol. The bar was dark, and my friend Rob said it was because “it’s a bar”. Once he dropped the attitude, we ordered!

I decided on a bowl of French Onion soup, which was both cheap and size appropriate for my appetite. But enough about me! Rob ordered a salad, and frankly between my forgetting where we ate and Rob ordering a salad, this blog post is pretty pointless.

Rob’s salad looked like salad, and my soup was great! I finished my soup, mentally accepted my Clean Plate Club award, however Rob’s salad was too much for him to handle. He got his leftovers packed up, and we split!—the check that is!

Then we split.

It was a great afternoon to enjoy food and friends. Rob walked his bike with us to our subway station, salad in tow, and we parted ways. My first Saturday in the city.


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