Don’t Skip the Street Vendors!

Coming to New York City–which is arguably the fashion capital of the world– I couldn’t wait to visit SoHo. Broadway in SoHo is packed with high-end retailers and completely affordable boutiques. It’s a fantastic mix of stores and truly a shopper’s paradise. I did love browsing all of the stores, but what I really appreciated was the incredible amount of unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry and art that could be found on various side streets in SoHo.
While I was perusing different jewelry vendors, I fell in love with many different pieces. From bold, chunky turquoise necklaces to simple, delicate gold rings to studded, leather bracelets, everything I saw instantly caught my eye! What I really couldn’t believe was how affordable the prices were. Ranging from five to 40 dollars, I think some of these jewelry pieces could eventually be investments made throughout my time here this summer. Many of the vendors would make a point to tell you that their jewelry was handmade or completely unlike any other, which I found to be really interesting.
Another type of street vendor that can easily be spotted in the heart of SoHo is one selling photographs and art. My roommate and I couldn’t help but note that it could be reasonably inexpensive to find wall decor from street vendors in SoHo. Artists would portray amazing photographs, prints and paintings that we couldn’t help but stop and appreciate. The artists would often be sitting on site and more than willing to strike up a conversation about their art.
Moral of the story. If you head to SoHo, don’t pass up the vendors on the side streets. You can find an amazing amount of interesting jewelry, trinkets and art that you won’t find elsewhere!

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