Food in Chinatown — from Xiang Yang

To be honest, I felt a bit nostalgic because it has been a year since last time I was in China with my family and friends. I miss the food; I miss that familiar feeling of being home. And now, I am in New York City and will stay in town for the whole summer, so the problem is temporally solved by the place that is twenty minutes subway away from William Street.

Chinatown in Manhattan is the largest and oldest Chinese enclave in Western countries, and it is located in between Tribeca and Lower East side. Zach and I decided to explore Chinatown after we were back from Central Park. I was so excited when I walked out of the subway. Everything looked so familiar, the style of buildings, the Chinese version billboards, herbal stores, even Chinese bank. I was recharged. When you went to Chinatown, food is barely impossible to be ignored because there were so many restaurants around and the smell of food pervaded the air, it made Zach and I both got very hungry. So we went to a place called QiAO JIA SHAN which is located in Mott St. It was a typical Chinese restaurant because it was very fast paced and crowded. Their food was so delicious.

It was built in 1909, Qiao jia shan is specialized in glutinous rice dumplings, eight-jewel rice, steamed puffed cake and cat’s ear snack. Zach had regular size chicken fried rice that was huge and I thought it was enough to server two people, and I got a beef over rive which was also very good. We shared rice dumplings that were very juicy and hot, Zach could not handle chopsticks very well at very beginning, but he figured it out later, so CLAP YOUR HANDS! Overall, it was very worthwhile because of their food value, size and of course, the price.

Comparing with Chinese restaurant in Columbia, most of restaurant here is cheaper. After filling the tank, we needed something sweet, boba tea was our choice, and the taste was so much better than Lollicup. Anyway, it was a amazing afternoon. I definitely will go there more frequent during the summer.

Xiang Yang


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