Reporting live from the New School, Ashley Carr, VH1 News.

    If you didn’t know already, I’m interning at VH1 News. I remember the first day I found out, I was ecstatic. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work in entertainment news and now, I have a gladiator-sandled foot in the door. That’s right, I can wear sandals to work. It’s great.

   On my first day, I was introduced to everyone in my department; I work in production. Though there is only eight people, I admit I didn’t remember all their names. After some hard thinking and bit of investigating, I’ve got it down now. It’s only my third day, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

   After the introduction, I learned how to dub tapes and transcribe interviews with celebrities. While it doesn’t sound like it’d be too exciting, the subject-matter is interesting and time flies. I’ve been doing that up until today when I was put on another project.

   My senior field producer is headed to Bonnaroo tomorrow (jealous) and she asked me do some research on the bands. This kind of work is right up my ally. I’m really interested in getting to know people and their story, and today, I got to study bands I’m interested in. What is my life? Oh, yeah… Awesome.

   In my downtime, I wrote up some potential questions for the bands and after presenting them to my producer, she..wait for it…told me they were “really good” and I “really grasped what kind of questions VH1 asks” and proceeded to pack my list of questions in her questions folder.  Whether she uses any of them or not, I’m a sucker for praise and I’m going to go bask in my glory.

Ashley Carr


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