Goodwill Gone Wild

On Satuday, Jamie and I went to the Housing Works bag sale. The idea is simple: You give them $25 and they let you fill a bag with as many items as you can stuff into a standard paper grocery bag. The act, however, is far from simple. It’s actually a bit terrifying.

Let me lay it out for you. You will get lost. You will wander aimlessly on the streets, phone stuck to your hand, eyes stuck to your phone. You know you are there when you see at least five people stumbling out of a warehouse door, bags in hand. You walk in and it’s chaos. Clothes, bags, blankets, outerwear, innerwear, even underwear. ALL. ON. THE. FLOOR.  In three words, it’s GOODWILL GONE WILD.

Also, anything goes. People are wearing gloves and masks, digging through the piles like there’s a pot of gold at the bottom. I guess it’s not that far off. While not gold, you can find designer purses, coats, and jeans, and you can get all of them… if they fit in your bag.

As I write this in my new Banana Republic pants, I hereby proclaim myself an avid thrifter. Housing Works, you didn’t scare me away. We will meet again, and soon.

Ashley Carr


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