Long Island Treat

On Saturday, I ventured over to Long Island to stay with my friend Cal who lives there. Another friend, who is nannying in Connecticut for the summer, visited as well. If you’re wondering, it wasn’t a coincidence that the horse races were in Long Island Saturday night.

I took the Amtrak from Penn Station – which had turned into a country club Saturday morning because of all the people going to the races – to Garden City. What a change of scenery, let me tell you. When the train came up from underground it was like I was in another world. No more concrete skyscrapers or millions of people walking the streets. I was in a beautiful town with adorable neighborhoods surrounded by bright green grass. I was back in my natural habitat.

Since the horse races are in Long Island every summer, the younger crowds all have pre-race celebrations. Cal’s friend from high school had a lovely backyard get-together, watermelon and hot dogs included. It was exactly the kind of summer party I love to attend. All of Cal’s friends were very welcoming and friendly. However, most of them had no idea where St. Louis is. When I asked, some of the answers I received were Chicago, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Illinois and more… I think New Yorkers need geography lessons.

I had a great time getting out of the city for a day. Don’t get me wrong, I am madly in love with New York City, but it is always nice to have a short break from the craziness. Long Island was gorgeous, and I highly recommend going for a short trip sometime. The ride is cheap, it is a beautiful place and there are a number of awesome beaches!

-Annie Trout


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