Last night, Ashley, Jaime and I went to Shake Shack. I had no idea what this was until we got there, but it was great. It is an outdoor burger shack right in the middle of Madison Square Park. The seating area is peaceful and nice under the several strings of light hanging from the trees. When we got there, the line stretched far out of the seating area and wrapped around the surrounding sidewalk. I remember thinking, wow this had better be a good burger. And, oh boy, it was.

The food itself reminded me of other familiar and popular burger joints like In ‘N’ Out and Steak ‘N’ Shake, but this was the New York version, and therefore, the better version. It was a really pretty park, especially on such a beautiful night. We probably waited about 30 minutes before we reached the counter to order, but waiting, talking, and taking in the area was fun and relaxing.

Nothing follows a burger better than ice cream. After we left Madison Square Park, we wandered around that area of Chelsea a little and eventually hit Cones, an ice cream place I have been hearing about for the last two and a half weeks. After sampling (probably too many) flavors, we picked our favorites.

Last night was not a typical tourist-y night in New York and I had never heard of either of the places before moving to New York, but it was a really fun night. It was nice to know that even in the middle of hectic and crazy Manhattan, we could still enjoy a simple walk and meal away from the usual Manhattan madness.

—Jamie Hergenrader


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