Beach Time

One thing I did not think about before coming to New York City was going to the beach or even seeing the ocean. When I think NYC, the last thing I think about is a beach. However, I spent the whole day laying by the ocean today. I, along with Cody, Ashley, Jaime and Katrina’s friend, ventured to Rockaway Beach in Queens. It was delightful. We laid in the sun for a couple of hours and strolled down the beach and looked for pretty seashells before we left. I highly recommend going to a beach while in New York.

With a little bit of research, I discovered that there are a number of awesome beaches all around New York (including a topless beach if interested). All of these beaches are just a subway or bus ride away. Even though it takes about an hour, it’s well worth the time if you are like me and spend most of your summers laying by a pool. Hopefully later in the summer we can all venture to another New York beach!

-Annie Trout


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