Freelancing is great, but not as great as most other things that have the word “free” in them.

Monday’s class Sean talked to us about freelancing, and sure enough come Wednesday I was offered a job from someone at Cake Boss who was working on a separate show. This reminded me of Sean saying that he never got a job that he applied for, but instead got them through connections. I think if I go into television production as a freelancer, my work will come to me in that same fashion.

This past week has made me really think about whether or not I would want to work as a freelancer, never really knowing for sure where my next paycheck was coming from. While it would be very exciting and refreshing to work on new projects all of the time, I think I would also feel a little nervous about my future. The people I was working for this weekend all work as freelancers, and they enjoy it because, frankly, they are free to do whatever they want (and say no to what they don’t want to do). A few of them said it is a bit nerve racking not having a set schedule for the future, but they all find enough work to pay the bills, and some of them even receive benefits from union work.

My weekend freelancing was a win-win situation for me because I got to add another show to my resume as well as make a little extra (much needed) cash. However, if I was older and living out here, I’m not sure I’d want to spend my weekends working in order to make the income I need to make. Thankfully, this group all got along great and work together as well as hang out together in their free time, so this weekend gig wasn’t an annoyance at all. I think if I were able to find a good group of people to work with, people who I wouldn’t mind spending twelve hours a day with for four days straight, I would be able to work as a freelancer no problem. And for right now, I just want a job, any shape or size.


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