Adventure Point: Visit to Ikea

I don’t know about you all, but my dorm room lacked some serious life. It was dark, cold and pretty drab. My roommate and I decided to venture to Brooklyn via the Wall Street Ferry to the home goods wonderland we know as Ikea. Let me tell you. It was a very well worth it trip.

Starting out, we were a little confused as to where to go in terms of how to get on the ferry. If you are heading towards Seaport, take a right and follow the signs for Pier 11. You will see a massive crowd of people waiting to get onto the New York City Sea Taxi. It was easy and believe it or not – completely free on the weekends. While on the boat, we saw the Statue of Liberty and a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. Even if you don’t have to go to Ikea, I would highly recommend taking a trip on the ferry. It was wonderful.

Once we got to Ikea, we picked up some items such as silverware, a lamp and a rug for insanely cheap prices. We figured we might as well try to make our home away from home as “homey” as possible.

See! Take a look. We even bought some string lights and hung them above our beds. It give the room a nice “glow”.



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