Chubby Babies Change My Day

The rumors are true. I’m addicted to people watching.

And while I may be in the best possible location on Earth to watch so many different people, I have come to cherish watching children be children.

Fortunately, my obsession with chubby-cheeked plumplings is not inspiring me to become a parent any time soon. But it has reminded me to stop, take a breath and enjoy everything that is happening around me.

Just last week, I found myself groggy on a train from Rockefeller Center to the Financial District at 10am, after rising at four in the morning. I was slightly irritable, drowsy and questioning how I will maintain a balanced life for the rest of the summer.

Then, in skipped a three-year-old boy with his mother. With bright blue eyes and a perfectly trimmed bowl cut, he found the subway ride to be the most amazing experience in his day. With each light, stop or poster, he appreciated it. He was beaming on the subway, enjoying the simple things that make our world so great.

Too often in life, I take advantage of the amazing things around me. I doubt the toddler’s actions will make me the next Oprah of the A-Train, but it reminded me that my time in New York is limited.

Because of his actions, I plan to do more while complaining about less. So if you thought I was giggling too much already, I apologize. Cackle King is back in session.


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