City Life

Today I finished the second day of my internship at Standard & Poor’s in the Financial District. I am working for the editorial department, which means we edit all the analyst reports for style and content. After doing a great deal of reading yesterday to get used to the S&P style, I started editing some content today. It was challenging at first, mostly because of the technical nature of the analyst reports, but it’s really interesting too. Most of the editing I have done prior to this point revolved around newspaper articles, which were generally at a low reading level already.  Here, my editor informed me that the “reading level” they aim for is the average reader of the Wall Street Journal.  But I like the challenge of translating the jargon into comprehensive language.  It reminds me of what I will probably be reading quite a bit of in law school, so it’s great practice! Also, it helps that my cubicle is right by the window, with an exquisite view of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Financial District and downtown Brooklyn.

The neighborhood around Water Street is wonderful.  I already know I’m going to have to keep a tight watch on my money so I don’t while it away at all the fantastic lunch places around work.  I stopped by the grocery store on the way home today and bought some fresh fruit and other necessities (like Nutella). I’m hoping to set a budget for how much I spend each week, because it’s easy to lose track in this environment. I love how close the apartment is to my internship. I can leave the building at 8:30 and be at work by 8:40, easily.  Tomorrow, one of my friends and I made plans to go to happy hour after work and maybe walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.


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