Da Bomb

There’s that moment at the end of every reality show when the arrogant college guy realizes he’s a tool, the trashy girl realizes she should stop drinking her daily bottle of whiskey and the youngest one realizes he has a lot of growing up to do.

To those of you who thought I would dive in and describe how all three applied to myself…call me to hangout. But to those of you who appreciate excellent flow that I have now disrupted, I’ve realized I’m young and have many more years to dedicate to my career to really prove myself.

Prior to being dumped on the steps of NBC’s TODAY: Weekend Edition in New York City, I thought highly of myself. Beneath my perfectly coiffed hair (the arrogance hasn’t entirely faded away), my brain told me I was a 21-year-old with a BOMB résumé at a BOMB university doing some pretty BOMB things with his life.

Don’t get me wrong. This city has not crushed my self-confidence—aside from the fact that I now know my skinny jeans should stay in the appropriate drawer until I have the desire to battle my food truck addiction. (As of 9:00PM EST on Sunday, June 3, 2012, studies show there is still NO DESIRE.)

I’m still pretty BOMB. But I’m more of a spark in a room full of weapons of mass destruction. For me, working, seeing and interacting with some of the biggest names in the business is humbling. It definitely put me in my place after thinking I was the bees knees in a mid-Missouri newsroom for three years.

If anything, my first week as a TODAY intern has re-lit my fire to achieve success. With an even stronger passion, I want to cherish my journey in pursuit of prosperity. In life. Not this summer. #InternsDon’tMakeMoney

Now I must go return my phone calls from the CIA to explain excessive mentions of the word “bomb” in my blog.


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