No Star in this Car

Pre-Award Show coverage constantly shows stars arriving to the venue, gracefully exiting their limousine and emerging onto the red carpet with the entire world awaiting to hear from them.

My black car service is not so glamorous.

Due to the early hours I am required to arrive at the TODAY show on Saturday and Sunday, NBC sends a car to take me to work. I will admit, the first time I entered the car, I was not so sure how to act.

It was a sort of celebrity treatment I have never received before. The service called me as it arrived to my building, explaining their location and to come on down at my convenience. A driver then greets me and I enter the polished vehicle and am encouraged to take a bottle of water for my day.

As an employee in the hospitality/customer service/kiss-someone-else’s-ass industry, I was at a loss for words my first time in the car. I felt like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2, a child riding in a deluxe limousine on his way to a toy store.

Now at week two, I’m much more comfortable and human again. I like to use the opportunity to get information about local spots to visit while I’m in New York City. According to this past weekend’s driver, it is a necessity to visit Hogs and Heifers Saloon and Pacha for a good night of New York style fun. He also suggested going to Weehawken Boardwalk for one of the best free views of Manhattan.  Can we say adventure points?


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