Two Truths and a Lie

June 3, 2012


Let’s play two truths and a lie.

1. So far, my experience in New York has defied several stereotypes                         associated with the Big Apple.

2. New York City offers more opportunity to learn. About everything.

3. I was a very attractive 11-year-old.



So what? I couldn’t land a modeling contract with Kids Gap due to a donut addiction. I’d rather say that the few extra pounds made me “overqualified” for the position.

In this blog, I plan to expose the truth and share what I have learned thus far in the big city. So join me, in:



1. People are rude.

I’m sitting on a Brooklyn bound A Train from Columbus Circle to Fulton Street station. Managing to find an open seat with my laser vision, I hustle over to sit down. No more than three seconds after sitting down do I realize why the seat was open. Next to me sat a woman who smelled like she hadn’t showered in weeks.

This woman was alone.

It was her, ripped sweat pants and her lighter. No bags. No friends. Just her and her fire-maker.

Then, about once every minute, homegirl decided to laugh. And not just a little giggle. CRACK-UP. You would have thought this woman was sitting front row at a Katt Williams show.

God knows I’m a giggler. My first detention happened because of “disruptive laughter” in the seventh grade. So, I start laughing because she’s laughing…but no one else is laughing, just like in middle school. Suddenly, sat two outcasts on a train. Me and the smelly girl.

Everyone ignored her…and me I guess now that I think about it. So yes, people are nuts. But locals must have some sort of self-centered attitude in order to deal with the high amount of energy that occurs within the city.

New Yorkers aren’t rude. They mind their own business because there’s just so much business to take care of.


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