A Presidential Affair

Today Obama was in New York for a fundraiser with Sarah Jessica Parker. I, unfortunately, was not invited.  Who would have thought? Anyway, about halfway through the work day yesterday, one of my coworkers called me over to the window. He pointed out half a dozen rooftops, where we could see guards with rifles on guard for the president’s arrival. A few hours later, a helicopter began to fly a security loop around the immediate area where the president’s helicopter was going to land.

After flying into Kennedy airport, Obama was coming to the Financial District to do a tour of Ground Zero. He was landing on a helipad over the water, right outside (you guessed it) 55 Water Street, S&P’s office building. It was really too good to be true!  While most people rolled their eyes and bemoaned the traffic that was sure to be worse because of the president’s visit, I was completely geeked out, eagerly awaiting his arrival.  Since I doubted my 10 minute walk back to my apartment would be hampered by his arrival, I was content to stay about an hour later at work to be able to see the helicopter land.

At around 5:40, I heard the loud whomp-whomp of the helicopter blades, and sure enough, two military-sized helicopters were flying over from Queens, across the East River.  From the 40th floor, we were about eye-level, if not a little higher, than the helicopters. The president landed and quickly got into one of the many Town Cars waiting, and the convoy started toward SJP’s house. So although my view of the president was somewhat hampered by the hundreds of feet between us, the experience of seeing those two helicopters come in across the river was incredible.  Unfortunately, that was the end of our view of the president, but it was great while it lasted!


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