Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

 Summer—the season for outdoor cookouts, country music and soaking up sunshine. Except in New York City.

For the first time in my life, I am experiencing a summer in the city. Steamy subways, scorching sidewalks and wretched smells put my senses on an around-the-clock awareness that I am far from home.

In no way am I saying that I prefer summer in Mascoutah, Illinois over New York City. However, it’s different than anything I have ever experienced. For me, summer means driving down back roads with the windows down, with fresh country air providing that feeling of happiness. Summer was the time to relax poolside with an ice cold drink. Working or not, summer still offered that overwhelming feeling of freedom.

Unless that freedom feeling is equivalent to that constant feeling of a saturated button-down shirt, New York has yet to feel similarl to any summer I have experienced before. But it has provided me with something new and exciting to look forward to.

For example, a quick dinner resulted in an unplanned attendance to Puerto Rican Pride night. Mixing up plans with a friend led to wandering around in the Lower East Side. A desire for cheap fun pushed the Mizzou crew into a very exciting restaurant/bar just around the corner from the dorms.

New York is a big city with big opportunity. Lacking a pool, house in the Hamptons and yacht, I leave you with this image:

Soaking up some rays, Big city style. It’s a fusion of the life I used to know mixed with my current reality.


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