Go Home, Beliebers

Go Home, Bieliebers.

Yesterday was Wednesday. Today is Thursday.  And tomorrow is Friday.

To be clear, that is three days total. In my opinion, it’s three days too long to wait for anyone who’s name is not Beyonce.

On Friday, the TODAY show will welcome Justin Bieber to take over the plaza as a part of the Toyota Summer Concert series.  “Belieb” it or not, Justin Bieber fans began lining up outside of the Rockefeller Studios Wednesday morning. And you can feel the Bieber fever in the office—so much that my fellow interns and I wanted VIP access to what will probably be the hottest show of the summer for TODAY.

To be clear, Justin Bieber is not my favorite artist. However, his overwhelming presence in pop culture makes him relevant—and therefore makes me responsible for knowing who he is.

At lunch, the interns and I conversed and planned our battle to infiltrate the Biebz. Using our internship badges and secret underground tunnels throughout Rockefeller, we thought we could outsmart the smartest and magically appear backstage. We wanted to be far enough to avoid trouble from security, but close enough to smell the sweat.

Planned. Prepared. And Poised. We interns wanted into the hottest show of the season. And then BOOM. Disappointment.

The ticket department advised all employees to steer clear from the Bieber concert. The environment is projected to be like free TVs at Best Buy on Black Friday—except trade the adult shoppers for 12-year-old girls who will do just about anything to be in the same arena as their one and only.

Maybe next year Justin will make a Belieber out of me.


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