Lunch with a side of Drums

Some fellow interns at the website I’m working at and myself were treated to a free concert the other day.

Back story: Our office, which is on 5th Avenue, is just down the street from a pretty little tabled and benched area called Madison Square Park. Since beginning work three weeks ago, we’ve enjoyed taking a late lunch together and strolling down to the park in hopes of finding an open table to eat and to watch dozens of tourists pose for photos in front of the nearby Flatiron Building. We’re successful in finding a table about half of the time, but we’re shooting 100% on seeing ridiculous photo poses.

Anyway, on a particularly pretty afternoon this week, we’d pounced on a free table and had begun digging in (elementary school style – each of us with nerdy and embarrassing lunch boxes and bags). After eating and chatting for about five minutes, I spotted a man carrying a postage box, two wooden sticks and armfuls of metal rods and plates.

He sat underneath a visitor’s guide tent and, after arranging his urban items in front of himself, suddenly starting banging away with the wooden sticks. It sounded so… amazing! So there we were, serenaded in an alternative yet enjoyable form of music for the rest of our lunch half-hour.

I managed to sneak a picture of the ordinary-yet-awesome drumming man as we headed back up 5th:

I’ve learned a lot of lessons about this city during our program’s first three weeks. The drumming man helped to reaffirm a prior belief I’d already held regarding the Big Apple, however. New York really is apparently chalk-full of art and talent, even in sources where you least expect it.

– Zach Garcia


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