There’s Something Neat About the Street(food)

Food! As everyone is well aware of by now, we’ve been dropped right into the middle of an epicenter of delicious food.

I know I’ve tested my share of tasty fare in my time in the city thus far – from an authentic Chinese dish to a big helping of Italian pasta. I’ve certainly enjoyed getting a break from my sub-par “cooking” on the convection stove top in my room with some great food of many varieties in NYC, and I look forward to venturing around for more.

There are two treats in particular, however, that I’ll continue to indulge in time and time again throughout the summer. Of all the food I’ve tasted, the streetcar chicken gyros and boba/bubble teas have topped the charts.

Chicken Gyro

This most likely doesn’t come as a surprise to many of my fellow program-mates, as I’ve been spotted on several occasions munching or slurping away on these messy, unbelievably good items already.

But what is it that’s so great about my two favorite cheap, quick and tasty pieces of food? Well, the answer is in the question. While fancy and ceremonial meals undoubtedly are special and should definitely be enjoyed around the city, there’s something special in its own right about a quick street side stop for some simple, really good food. It’s a fast and informal option, which I find to be fun in a comforting and downplayed way.

I’m not saying your go-to meal has to be a pita-wrapped chicken gyro and a tapioca-filled tea to wash it down (but I’ll join you if you’d like to try it!), just don’t write off the easily passable food surrounding you on the streets. You just may find that it gives you that one-of-a-kind experience that New York food is all about.

– Zach Garcia


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