Outside the Manhattan Madness

During last Monday’s class, our guest speaker for the week, author Gwen Heasley gave us her most important piece of advice about living in the city—never stay in. I have to admit, with only interning a few days a week, I have been spending way too much time just hanging out in my apartment. Restlessness started to kick in, so a few days ago, I decided to find somewhere, anywhere, to get some fresh air and work out. Without the amenities of the far-away and fantastic Mizzou rec center, I had to find an alternative.

I wandered south toward Battery Park and found my substitute. Along the tip of New York is Wagner Park, complete with  benches, music, grass (finally), and perfect views of the water, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. On a beautiful day like today, there were people everywhere running, walking their dogs, laying out in the sun (I guess I found my pool substitute for the summer.), taking their kids to the playgrounds, sailing and sightseeing.

Although this crowd was not exactly the ideal change from the crowds I face working on Times Square everyday, it was tolerable. It’s nice to know that whenever I need a break from the deafening sirens or the incessant honking or rattling of the subway speeding past beneath my feet, I can take a walk down to Wagner Park.

—Jamie Hergenrader


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