A Sea of Grass – Adventure Point

On Saturday Cody, Harriet and I went up to Central Park.

We went to Sheep Meadow to lay out in the summer sun (it’s hard to admit, but I’m missing my suburban community pool just a bit).

Don’t let that picture in the link fool you. HUNDREDS of people lay out in Sheep Meadow. It was literally a sea of half-naked twenty somethings. I’ve never even been to a beach this crowded.

The sunbathers were camped out a few feet from one another on towels or blankets. Most camps had coolers and a few had music. People were picnicking, drinking and relaxing. A few camps even had luggage with them — presumably to tote all of their camp supplies on the subway from home.

Our camp consisted of two bath towels and a T-shirt.

We will be going again. And next time we will be better prepared.

It was the perfect place for people watching, and we definitely saw a few interesting things. Be on the look out for people trying to sell you beverages. They came around so frequently yelling, “Ice cold beer! Water! Cola!” that it almost felt as if we were at a baseball game.

Let us know if you would like to join the next time we go!



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