Tourism Makes the World Go ‘Round


During the weekdays I like to pretend that since I’m working here, I should really be considered a local. I know how to walk in front of traffic and look pissed off and tired on subways just like everyone else. If I walk fast enough and show enough disregard for the people around me, you might even think I was born here! 

This week I decided to embrace the fact that I’m in New York and did some official New York (tourist) things. A few of us walked the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday, getting in the way of all the commuters and people on bikes like true out-of-staters. The view was actually amazing and really drove home the whole “I’m in New York” thing.

On Thursday night we took the (Free!) Staten Island Ferry, and again took photos and got in other people’s way. Walking the bridge and taking the ferry are not events that can take place just anywhere, you pretty much have to be in New York, or have a very creative imagination, to enjoy them. 

While being confused for a local is flattering, I’d rather give up the act and embrace my midwest girl in the city reality. No, I’ve never been to the top of the Empire State Building, but I want to, and you can bet when I do I’ll take a million photos and get in everyone’s way. 


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