I was never the type of person to get homesick. When I left for college, I didn’t go home until Christmas break, and that was because the dorms closed. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my family and friends and laying by our pool in the summer (I’m so pale.)

Coming to New York, I thought I would feel the same. I did..until today. 

My dad and I have always been close. When I was little, he was the one that would take me to movies, go on hikes, and even take me shopping if that’s what I wanted to do. Not to mention, he was always down to watch Disney Channel movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could recite Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century by heart, and that’s stellar major.


This is my dad. His shirt is the same color as police tape. You can credit the idea for this photo to yours truly.

Today is Father’s Day, and even though I didn’t send a card in time, a phone call home told me my dad forgives me. While I was relieved to be forgiven, a pang of homesickness arose. So, to help cure this, there was only one thing to do. GO TO BREAD CO! Or PANERA for all you non-St. Louisans!

Jaime, Annie and I literally ran when we saw it. I’m not joking. We ran there like three teenage girls flocking to Justin Bieber, three ducklings to the momma goose, ants to a picnic…you get the idea. While I’m still a little homesick, there’s nothing better than broccoli cheddar soup to help ease the pain.


Yeah, it was snowing when we went. I sat outside and painted this gem.


Ashley Carr


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