Excuse me, Zombie? Sign here for me.

If you’ve never asked a guy in a zombie outfit to sign a release to be on television, you just haven’t lived.

This past Friday I went to a little tourist trap in times square called “Times Scare”. For work. 

Basically it was nuts. I was sent to the haunted house to release all of the workers to be on TV, not knowing that I would have to go through said haunted house in order to do this. I scare easy, and these little minimum-wage devils were out to get me. It’s all kind of blur right now, but I remember screaming “I’m just trying to do my job!” at a dead doctor.

After the haunted house, we watched a magic show. The magicians logo was a dead rabbit (my favorite animal) so I expected the worst. The magician was actually pretty good, and a lot less intimidating after I saw his dad, an old man in a hawaiian shirt and tennis shoes. 

This job has really put me in some unique situations around and outside of the city. I’ve gone to places that I would certainly not go to on my own, or probably even know about. Each week I’m excited to find out where we’re going next, even if it is on a Friday night. After all, I’m here to work aren’t I?? 


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