I’m a Fan

I think the other interns learned something about me quite quickly… I love baseball. So when the senior recruiter at Fox News Channel informed me about Fox Fan Night at Citi Field, I immediately volunteered. Not only did I not have to be at the office all day all dressed up, but I got to spend the whole day at the stadium. We got to watch the Mets warm up and sat directly behind the bullpen as the pitchers practiced. I would say I was in heaven, but they weren’t Cardinals players (I’m from St. Louis, lets be real). I also got to meet about 23 other Fox interns, which was great. 

I arrived at the News Corporation building at 12:40 pm and waited with the other interns for black SUVs to pick us up and bring us to the stadium. When we arrived, the first thing we did was put together Fox News Channel pennants. After that was done, we walked around the stadium and watched the player warm up on the field. It was cool to be in an empty baseball stadium. That was a first.

Fox Fan Night is a party for Fox fans. The fans signed up online and the first couple of hundreds people got tickets. The party is held in a room directly behind the Mets bullpen. There was free food and drinks for everyone. I had the lucky job of checking the list to see who was on it and who I could let in. Once that was over, we were done for the night and we got to enjoy the game. I had a blast and I met some great people. 



-Annie Trout


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