Adventure Point: My New York Deli Experience

Upon arriving in New York, I knew my time here was limited and within in that time, there is SO much to be done. One adventure that I definitely wanted to complete was visiting a famous New York style delicatessen. I decided what better deli to try than Carnegie Deli.


As soon as you walk into Carnegie Deli, you immediately notice the mass amounts of celebrity photographs on the wall. My personal favorite was Britney Spears from her “Oops I Did It Again” era. The second thing you notice is the insanely sized sandwiches being delivered from the kitchen to guests’ tables. When I say these sandwiches were big, I mean they were absolutely colossal portions of bread and meats overflowing onto the plate. It amazed me!

We sat down and were almost immediately given a plate of homemade pickles, which were absolutely delicious. Due the grandiose portions and the relatively expensive prices, my roommate and I decided it would be best to share a sandwich and soup. I have never had matzo ball soup before and my roommate was dead set on having me try this dish. I was not disappointed. The broth was unlike any Campbell’s broth I was used too and the matzo ball literally melted in your mouth. If you visit this deli, I highly recommend splurging on a bowl.


We decided to split their most famous sandwich – the Woody Allen. It was a corned beef and pastrami on rye bread. Although the picture I have included looks as if it could feed a small family, it was only HALF of the entire order. We could each barely finish our halves, which was fairly disappointing because, the dessert options were mouthwatering.

My trip to Carnegie Deli did not disappoint me on an overall New York deli experience, but it certainly did leave me feeling overwhelmingly stuffed!



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