Central Park Comedy

Tonight a group of us went to Central Park for a free comedy show featuring the Daily show’s writers and performers. It was PACKED. All the seats were taken for the show and even the grassy area behind the seats was filled with people sitting on blankets trying to catch bits and pieces of the show. Needless to say, we were in that group. Once we were able to hear, the show was really funny. From jokes about the presidential election to jokes about an alternative Spiderman, where a spider is bitten by a human (my favorite joke of the night), it was a pretty good show.

This is what I love about New York. There is always something to do no matter what. It took me a while to realize this, but there are so many places that offer all types of free events. For example, I was reading in Bryant Park the other day and there was a free yoga class going on (despite the unbearable heat). Bryant Park, Central Park and the public library always have some events going on. In July, I am going to watch Clueless at Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset. It sounds like a good time to me.

I’m sure the number of events decreases in the winter time sadly, but I’m sure the city finds other events to make up for it—like maybe the “park” established by Open House Gallery that we learned about during our media visit. If I could stay here through the winter, I would definitely make a visit to that “park,” but since I’m just here for the summer, I guess I’ll make the best I can out of the time I have left.


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