Just a Day in New York

A day off! On Wednesday, I had the day off from both my internship and my job, so of course I was going to explore the city. Because I have so much time to myself only interning a few days a week, I decided I should get a library card. I figured that reading some books this summer would kill some free time, but mostly a library card is free. FREE.

I took the train to Grand Central station and walked to the New York Public Library a few blocks away. I signed up for my library card, and then spent about an hour wandering around the huge, beautiful library confused and lost. First of all, I couldn’t find very many books. It was an enormous library, and no books?! Then, I finally realized how it works. That was just the main location, and I am supposed to get books from the various branches around Manhattan. (face palm). Duh.Lucky for me, the mid-Manhattan branch location is right across the street, so I spent a little while in there debating which books to spend my time with this week.

On my way back to the subway station, I found another little New York treasure: a sample sale. For those of you not familiar with this wonderful experience, it is a sale in the city where designer clothing, bags, jewelry, etc. are sold at very discounted prices. Either they are the last ones left, or the designer only decided to make a few…you get the idea. Well, I ended up walking out with a designer ring that was originally $400 for $50. Winning.

That’s the beautiful thing about New York. I can go out with a plan to do something, and along the way, learn and encounter so many other unexpected treasures in the city.


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