Chinatown Discoveries

One of my coworkers mentioned a great restaurant for authentic Chinese food in Chinatown today at work called Joe’s Shanghai.  I’ve never been a fan of your traditional Chinese buffet-style restaurants, but I remember going to this great real Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area (Mr. Fong’s) with some friends from Hong Kong and loving it.  I was curious to check out this place, so after work a friend and I went together.  It was absolutely incredible. Later, I learned it’s been highly reviewed in NY Mag and other places, but I didn’t know that then.

When we first got there, I wasn’t expecting much. There was a bright yellow sign outside, and what looked like a small dining area inside. The “cash only” sign wasn’t promising, but also wasn’t surprising.  Inside, we sat down at a big round table with a giant lazy Susan in the middle. At my friend’s urging, I got the soup dumplings, which are exactly what they sound like: dumplings filled with soup. Don’t ask me how they did it. I also ate some great jalapeno sautéed pork.  The food was generous, and the prices were great! Definitely coming back to this gem.


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