Harlem Shake

If ever presented the opportunity to enter a talent show, I always have a problem identifying my talent.

I can’t hold a tune, my acting is rough and my dancing is only appropriate for places that tend to stay open until four in the morning. And if I can’t find a place like that, why not try out my dance moves in Harlem?

The big boss at TODAY planned a post-work field trip that incorporated fitness, fun and an opportunity to sweat out some stress. After 6pm, my co-workers and I traded business casual attire for athletic gear. We were prepared for an experience unlike any other: Zumba in Harlem.

I know what you’re thinking, and trust me, I gave myself the same speech. It sounded something like, “Cody. CONTROL YOURSELF. This is not Columbia, Mascoutah nor some party with people who understand why you act the way you act. This is Harlem and a crumping Caucasian is not the norm.”

I decided not to listen to myself and be myself. And let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences I have had in New York City thus far.

I was cuttin’ a rug, grooving and moving and shaking like I belonged. And I did.

Not only did it bring make my work relationships a little stronger, it made my love for New York stronger as well. Despite an awkward burn in my legs for the next two days, I appreciated meeting so many entertaining people while entertaining a few as well.

Taking a free dance class in a neighborhood so rich in culture made me realize I have so many more people to meet and things to see in the next six weeks, which is why I got a ticket for New York Dance Week.

I’ll see you at swing lessons at 7pm.


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