Nothing like a Family Visit

It is a scientific fact that family can drive you nuts.*

(* No research occurred before writing the above sentence)

Equally stressful, a family traveling together offers the opportunity for magic along with meltdowns. So, brace yourself, New York. The LaGrow’s are coming to New York City for the first family vacation to the Big Apple.

My primary concern for my family’s upcoming visit is to show them the city that I adore. I came to New York for the first time with my high school when I was 18-years-old.  It only took a few hours in the concrete jungle to know that I wanted to return to the city to work and/or live.

But now I feel like I’m in charge of managing my family’s experience. I want to give them New York City: THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD. And although I’ve only lived here for 5 weeks, I’m concerned I will give them New York according to Cody. If this was the case, we won’t be leaving dive bars and diners.

Therefore, I’m anxiously planning every minute of the expedition. My family will be in the city for four nights and three days, and I don’t want to leave one tourist-y thing out. I want my father to be wearing a Statue of Liberty crown, my mother to see a Broadway show and my sister to go “cray cray” shopping in SoHo.

And of course, I want that stereotypical picture of us slapping our hands to our faces in front of the Plaza Hotel. The LaGrow house is full of “Home Alone” fans.


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