“Brunching” in New York

As you all probably know, brunch is a living, breathing and thriving thing on the island of Manhattan. So much so that I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t partaken in this brunching tradition until this past weekend. And for my first brunch experience in NYC, I did well, going to three different hot spots from Upper West Side to the Meatpacking District. I noshed on brunch fare, ranging from strawberry mimosas to divine scrambled eggs to the really big burger on freshly baked baguette bread. Here are some of the spots we hit:

1. Morning Star, Upper West Side

Don’t let this plain jane fool you. Morning Star might look just like a regular diner, but the grub is delish and you can’t beat the prices. Burgers are $10 or three eggs any style for $6. This is a perfect spot to hit before heading over to the field of tanners in Central Park.

2. The Diner, Meatpacking District

Eggs with a side of model? Sit outside at this supposedly plain jane diner to get a taste of scrumptious eggs benedict and a $4.00 latte (cheaper than Starbucks!) while watching beautiful New York City natives walk around in boho chic outfits with cute bulldogs in tow. On a sunny NY day, you can’t beat the view (or prices). If you stay long enough, you might just run into the model from the D&G Light Blue ad… yes, Cody and I spotted him. I wasn’t lying when I said models replace toast at this Meatpacking staple.

3. Paradou, Meatpacking District

If you want to brunch as if you are in a charming European village, then go here! With menu items such as pull pork sliders and country omelets, Paradou is a simply perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially in its outdoor garden. Just imagine you’re in Paris, and don’t drink too many of those unlimited champagne cocktails!

I only skimmed the surface of the New York brunch scene, but let me tell you, it is a thing to be done. It’s not so much the food that makes the brunch experience but the people and the atmosphere. It’s truly a NYC thing to do, and I can’t wait to venture out beyond these two places to see what other brunch adventures there are. Let me know if you have suggestions!

– Harriet White


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