West Side Story

It’s true what they say about New York being a walking city. So, Thursday after work, Cody and I decided to test that theory. Meeting for a drink in the fashionable Meatpacking District, Cody and I braved the heat and decided to walk  The Highline, starting at The Standard. In my mind, I had envisioned The Highline being an underground railroad tunnel. Don’t ask me why, but I thought this going to be New York’s version of the “Catacombs” (Ok, maybe not that creepy). So it surprised me when I walked UP stairs to see a trendy, art nouveau  passageway with food stands, lounge chairs and a bevy of beautiful flowers. Cody and I were walking on Manhattan’s version of a “boardwalk.”

We walked, we talked, and we ate a delicious red velvet ice cream cookie (Heaven, I know). But Cody and I made one rather large mistake in our adventure on The Highline: we started where it ended. Yep, 10 ethereal minutes passed by when we reached the end of this urban boardwalk. But instead of heading home, we decided to continue this walking adventure on the side of the West Side Highway. No, No, we were not hitchhikers, but simply a pair of “New Yorkers” enjoying a walk home at dusk, overlooking the Hudson River, New Jersey and Manhattan’s versatile and trendy West Side. But the best moment of our walk home is when we stopped to see one of the Freedom Towers lit up from a pier on the Hudson. This sight was definitely a breathtaking, New York moment and a modern one at that, looking at the half-built Freedom Tower.  Although the river isn’t a sight to be seen, it is actually quite beautiful (and might I add charming) at sunset, overlooking downtown and the Statue of Liberty.

Although it was just a walk, I really relished this New York experience, walking and enjoying a part of the city I hadn’t seen yet. In the tradition of New York’s “walking city” status, I plan on spending the next six weeks walking and exploring different neighborhoods and catching one of those charming New York moments. Plus, I get to avoid the subway in this sweltering heat!

– Harriet White


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