Adventure Point! Coney Island

And let me tell you, Coney Island was quite the adventure the day I went. Want to know why? It was the Mermaid Parade day. Don’t act like you’re surprised. Stuff like that is typical in New York, no matter what part you’re in. This parade consisted of men and women draped in nets, covered in paint, or hardly wearing anything at all. They were interesting mermaids. 

Besides the madness in the streets of Coney Island, the place was awesome. The ancient roller coasters and classic hot dog and ice cream shops were awesome to see. The beach was beautiful, as well. (Side note: is Coney Island’s beach a nude beach? We saw some of that too…). 

Overall, the long subway trip to the island was a success. I had a great time witnessing a part of good ole American history… in an odd way. Thumbs up to Coney Island!




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