Atlantic City vs. Coney Island

This week I found myself on the shore of the Atlantic twice, at two different amusement parks on two different piers.


The first was in Atlantic City. For those of you that don’t know anything about AC, it’s basically Vegas but on the water and with a lot more “bad seeds” and less frill.


My trip to AC started with a hailstorm on the drive down, causing us to pull over and wait for God to stop punishing us. Once we arrived, it was hot and steamy from the rain, making sunscreen feel just fantastic on my already sticky skin.


Once I applied my sunscreen, the clouds of the apocalypse rolled through and the sun was swallowed into the sea. I’m being dramatic, but it did get cloudy and I was annoyed that I was now covered in oil for no reason.


Anyways, now that it was cloudy, it was time to hit Steel Pier, an old amusement park on a boardwalk overlooking the Jersey shore. The park was closed to the public, and on this gloomy day as the dark waves rolled in, this retro amusement park gave me the creeps to say the least.


The second amusement park was Coney Island, which was slightly more run down then Steel Pier, but with the sun shining and the crowds of people everywhere, it was a lot more inviting then the ominous Scooby Doo set that was Steel Pier.


Coney Island was hosting its annual Mermaid Parade, which is exactly what you think it is: people dressed like mermaids in a parade. Every human in Brooklyn showed up for this event, making me almost miss the loneliness of Steel Pier. However, the people-watching was amazing, and the smell of hotdogs in the air was even better.


If I had to do it again, I’d take the Atlantic City pier, but with the nice weather and company of the Coney Island crew. Either way, I’m lathering on the sunscreen and hoping there are no clowns.




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