I have pride, yes I do. I have pride, how ’bout you?!?!

Gosh, I’m clever.

Today, I, along with a few others, went to the Pride Parade (apparently I like parades this weekend). Honestly, this parade should be called nothing other than the Pride Parade because, damn, New York City homosexuals have pride! There were SO many people in the parade, and each and every person was very proud to be in it.

Attending the Pride Parade was a very cool and unique experience. It truly was a blast and I saw a lot of interesting things, particularly some crazy outfits. I’m sure you all can imagine. One thing that I really liked about the parade was that there were groups of gay people from particular countries walking together. For example, there was a large group of Asian gays. These groups engaged in traditional dancing, instrument playing, and more. Good for them for showing pride for their sexuality AND their heritage.

After I had been at the parade for a while, I left to go hop around the city with friends. Although I had left the Pride Parade, the pride did not end. There were people all over Manhattan sporting rainbow flags and crazy outfits. The entire day was truly all about celebrating gay pride and the whole city participated. I thought that was great.

While I had a GREAT time, I think I’ve had my fill on parades for a while. Thanks, Pride!


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