Running Lost: My Day at Cortlandt

A very real and true escape. That’s what I found this weekend when I ventured way north to Van Cortlandt Park for a run.

The park is at the very top of The Bronx, which meant hour-long subway treks each way, but the commute was well worth it for some real trails. I was so excited to have an authentic running setting (which felt a lot like my favorite trail back in Missouri at some points) that I ran north out of the park and into Westchester County, New York. This marked the first time I’ve stepped foot out of New York City in my near-month here, by accident no less.

I spent the next couple of hours blissfully lost, trying to find my way back to the south end of the park amid winding and crossing trails. I eventually stumbled upon my starting point, wiped but satisfied from a heavy dose of running.

If you’re an active person yearning for some space to actually move around in or are someone looking to get lost (perhaps literally like me) within nature while still remaining close to the city setting, Van Cortlandt Park could be a strong addition to your weekend activities checklist.

– Zach Garcia


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