The Beauty Sale

My life at Seventeen is jam-packed with beauty products, beauty trend research and testing various products. I love it. As someone who is self-proclaimed beauty obsessed, I couldn’t be happier working anywhere else. However, it does become hectic at times. Multiple boxes and bags arrive every hour and the products have to be labeled, organized and put away. Since I arrived on my first day, I have been prepping for the beauty sale. The beauty sale is a day when we our closet goes from packed to the brim with products to practically barren. All of the products sell for one to five dollars, which is incredible considering many of these products can sell for upwards of 50 dollars. Needless to say, Hearst staffers go crazy for events like this. 

The closet went from this… 


To this… 


The best part about the sale is that all of the profits go towards charity which I think is pretty freakin’ cool. On Friday morning, I loaded up the conference room with labeled boxes and waited for the insanity to begin. People began lining up 15 minutes prior to the sale beginning. With their bags in hand, these people were definitely on a mission. 


Check out all of the products we sold! From blush to hair extensions, we cleaned out the beauty closet and now have plenty of room for all the incoming fall/winter collections. We made a grand total of $2,556! 


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