On the quest for macarons

A friend of mine came to visit from out of town this past weekend. Unlike others who want to see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, etc., my friend only had one request: to eat the tastiest (and cutest) macarons in the city. The only macarons I’d had so far were from Financier Patisserie, and while they were good, I wanted to find a place dedicated specifically to macarons.  After some investigating (and by that, I mean asking people at work) I tracked down a couple of places I knew she’d like to visit. It comes as no surprise that I’m not exactly a macaron expert, but I did a little reading up (here’s a good guide: http://www.seriouseats.com/2007/10/introduction-to-french-macarons.html) and found out a few things to keep in mind during our whirlwind tour.

First stop, Bisous Ciao Macarons on the Lower East Side. I’d heard great things about this place, and it didn’t disappoint. It was a little pricey, but the entire place was dedicated to macarons! We tried the salted caramel (incredible) and this awesome one called Giaduja, which was basically a nutella macaron.

Next, we went over to Macaron Café. The place was amazing, and a good place for lunch too! It was really crowded, though, because we went around lunch time and it was hard to find a place to sit.  It was over the top and looked too “cutesy,” but the food was good! We tried the white chocolate cream and a dark chocolate with cherry. Both delicious!

Final stop on the macaron tour was Laduree. It’s a relatively new shop in the Upper East Side, operated by some famous French chef whose name I’ve forgotten. And it was spectacular. The macarons weren’t overly sweet, and they didn’t crumble at all.  The texture of the cookie and the cream was perfectly matched. Incredible! I tried a vanilla and a rose petal, and my friend sampled an orange blossom and coffee. Delicious, but also spectacularly expensive.  I think it was worth it to try, though!


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