Am I a Local? Doubtful.

Upon leaving the glitz and glam of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, I found myself on the subway platform, awaiting the B, D, F or M to get my downtown and back to West 4th and back to Home Sweet Fulton Street.

With my Spanish playlist blasting, Dunkin Donut Iced Coffee in hand and sunglasses on, I noticed a slow-moving family wandering across the platform. Decked out in St. Louis Cardinals gear, I immediately spotted them as displaced St. Louisans.  After realizing they had trouble reading the subway map, I decided to de-shade, de-iPod, and engage in a friendly conversation with fellow Cardinal fans.

After pulling the headphones from my ears, I began listening to the family argument.

The argument: Which train will take them to the Empire State building? The B, D, F, o M, or was the family on the wrong platform altogether? Do they go uptown or downtown? I smiled. It was a perfect reminder of how stressful family vacations can become.

I approach the family, and mention the St. Louis Cardinal gear. Of course, I give them a quick bio of myself, describe where my tiny, Metro-East Illinois-town is located and then asked them where they were trying to go.

And BAM. I became a fountain of information.

Every New Yorker knows the B, D, F, and M stop at 34th Street, right next to the Empire State building. I then answered a few questions on the best way to get to Battery Park, World Trade Center and then back to the family’s Times Square hotel.

Maybe I suggested grabbing a few cupcakes at Magnolia, too. But that’s beside the point.

So here’s to having a sense of direction in America’s largest city. It only took a month, but hopefully, getting lost is a thing of the past.


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