A Little Literature in the Park

Surprises in New York come in all forms. I run past Battery Park as part of my workout, but I haven’t actually taken the time to walk through the park and see what’s there. Well, tonight I decided to do that. AND I finally took pictures! I’m terrible–I have been in New York for more than a month, and these are the first pictures I have taken.

I went to Battery Park to explore and read a little since it was so nice out today. I stumbled upon a few interesting things in the park. One, there is a WWII memorial. Not much to really say about it, but it was still cool to find it. Two, a play in the park. I was sitting on a bench reading The Girl Who Played With Fire (such a good book, by the way) and I heard voices coming from the right off in the distance. I got up to see what was going on and found an audience seated in the grass watching some play.

Play in Battery Park

I watched  for a few minutes, but gave up on understanding what was going on since I walked in late, and I returned to my bench–but it didn’t end there.

Ten minutes later, the mass of people was all walking toward me and theyplopped down all around me. The play had moved and the characters were now performing right in front of me. Then, after a few minutes had passed, the group moved once again. It was a strange sight to see, but it made me smile. I love the way New York never ceases to surprise. I had gone to the park to read and found a traveling play–that just doesn’t happen everyday.




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