Editing galore

Today at work we had a workshop for the editorial interns about editing and the process of taking analyst-speak and “translating” it to English.  I was looking forward to the workshop initially, but it ended up different from my expectations.  We started with some basic editing guidelines regarding grammar (hanging participles, etc.) and spent some time identifying and correcting the passive voice. All interesting, yes, but it was also things we’d known before. It was still good to have an overview, though.

All of us are getting a better handle of what sorts of things to change in the analyst reports. We’re well-versed in S&P style and know how to implement it in these technical reports. But what we were told to remember is, “who is the reader of these reports?” To truly do well with editing, we had to remember the audience. This is obviously true when reporting for any news organization, but it’s good to remember.


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