…and all desserts for that matter.

So that is why I stopped to get a cupcake from one of New York’s famous bakeries alone once again today.

Last week, I stopped in Magnolia Bakery on 6th Avenue (right across the street from News Corporation) before work. I grabbed one of their best-sellers: red velvet. I have three words for you: NOM NOM NOM. Their vanilla cupcakes looked amazing, as well.

Later in the week, the newsroom I work in celebrated someone’s birthday with cupcakes. I was obviously happy. Me and the other intern I work with were sent to pick up the little treats from Baked By Melissa, right by Times Square. (Perk: I actually got to see sunlight after 2 pm!!!!!!!!!) These cupcakes were bite size and SO yummy. I highly suggest this place.

Next on the list: Crumbs! Today, I had some time before I had to be at work, so naturally I stopped to get a cupcake. Crumbs is by far my favorite cupcake place so far and they’re all over New York City. There’s even one in FiDi! I got the Good Man cupcake and it was GOOOOOOOD. I’m pretty sure it was the best cupcake I ever had. It was much bigger than my cupcake from Magnolia and obviously much bigger than those from Baked By Melissa.

Therefore, if you want an a-maz-ing cupcake, go to Crumbs! Yum.


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