Some good food around Financial District

Because of the broken microwave, I haven’t been cooking very much in the past three weeks (I’m so happy it is working eventually). However, I think I still have to thank the microwave because I had have to find some good cheap food around and I didn’t disappoint about what I have tried so far. It is very hard to connect good food to financial district, well, to be honest, if you comparing here to places like SOHO, China Town, and NYU area, people seems don’t have many choices here. But it does have its own characteristic—cheap, fast and good quality. People working in Financial District are busy all the day, and there are so many companies, banks, and any other kinds of organization, so places are very centralized, and people have high-pressure jobs, in other word, everything here move fast. As a result, you can see a lot of street food vendors, take-out places.

I would like to recommend some places to go here. If you like Asian food, especially fired rice and spicy soup, Thai Cuisine is the place for you; it is located at 22 Maiden Ln, they offer take-out and delivery, you can also eat there. You can only pay with cash if your order is under $10.  I have been there twice; the Fresh Basil Fried Rice and Tom Yum soup were so good!

Rosella’s Pizzera is another place I strongly recommend, I am sure that you guys have a higher taste than me when talking about pizza. It is on 164 William St and close to Pace University. Considering the efficiency and price, the taste they offer is fair enough. You can hit up Rosella’s whenever you want a decent slice of pizza that cost $3.55. They also do delivery.  Chicken Pizza is my favorite.

Sushi&Noodle, located at crossroad of Maiden Ln and Broadway, agaian, it is cheap and fast, I haven’t tried their sushi yet. But the Beef/Chicken curry noodle/rice were fantanstic.

 Yang Xiang


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