Adventure Point: My Trip to D.C.

Greetings from the District of Columbia!

Boy has it been a trip…D.C. is now in a state of emergency, and frankly, so is my sanity. 

Yesterday morning, my original plan was to take the 10a.m. MegaBus to D.C. However after boarding the wrong 4 or 5 train downtown instead of uptown at 9:30am, I missed my bus.

After arriving to the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 10:05 and missing my 10:00am bus, a MegaBus attendant informed me that I would be able to board the next bus, a 10:30 bus, for a $5 fee and if there was space.

After the 10:30 bus arrived 45 minutes later at 11:15, I thankfully found out that I was able to board the bus and did not have to pay a fee. 

I made some bus friends and got myself comfortable for the 4.5 hour journey, thanking God that I got so lucky despite the hour and 15 minute delay. 

Until about 20 minutes en route to D.C which is about the time the bus’ air conditioning gave out. 

Our bus driver pulled off the road, ensuring a simple “reboot” would fix the problem.

He was wrong. The air conditioning did not come back, and the bus was now deemed as “broken.”

We then had to pull off at a rest stop in New Jersey and wait for a new bus. A sandwich, trail mix, two waters and numerous recycled biographical stories later (over the course of an hour), a new bus came.

“Alleluia, praise be to the bus gods,” I thought. “I will get to D.C. dead or alive.”

Yes, fortunately I am alive. However as we were passing through Delaware, a jeep flipped about 5 minutes ahead of us.

This made us come to a screeching halt and witnessing the immediate and severe aftermath of the wreck. 

I won’t get into bloody details, but it was very scary and upsetting. 

I may never take a bus again, but seven hours later I made it!!

Lessons to be learned: 

1) Always take the first bus because you can never guarantee what will happen en route to your destination that may cause delays. 

1b) Do not miss your scheduled bus. 

2) Pack snacks and water because you cannot guarantee the length of your travels and if you will have the opportunity to purchase food to eat again.

3) Be sure to charge your phone because you never know if you will have to inform your family and friends that you are in fact, alive, safe and well. 

4) Breathe, smile, think happy thoughts, repeat. 

A severe storm whipped through last night and D.C. has now declared that it is in a state of emergency, but that is another story.

Praise be to Starbucks for power, internet and caramel lattes. 

New York, I miss you. 


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