Kicking off July on the Beach

I rang in July yesterday with some classic summer beach time at Rockaway Beach on the far side of Queens – or, as it meant for me, an hour and a half of subway commuting. Despite the train time, I’d say the trip was worth it.

The beach was also (as expected) nowhere near as wide open as the above image portrayed it to be. It felt like every single person from the City had the exact same idea to visit the beach as I did, and you definitely could not blame them. It was a very beautiful summer day on the deceivingly pretty beach. Besides, I was lost in my own world under the warm sun and with my iPod and a good book I’d brought in tow.

A more accurate representation of Rockaway on a summer weekend…

If not for the massive, diverse crowds and the faintly more stench Atlantic, I may have just believed that I was on Mission Beach in San Diego – my forever-favorite beach. Yesterday was long, hot and unproductive… in other words, it was just about perfect.

Just a bit of a trek on the A train is all that’s separating you from an ideal summer beach experience at Rockaway.

– Zach Garcia


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